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Thursday, October 12, 2023


Mother Monster is having a Baby Monster???

According to the Little Monsters (Lady Gaga's fan base), Lady Gaga is pregnant!

The story broke into social media after shots of her last show spread where we can see a very clear bump. The ones who attended the concert were also surprised with her new shape.

Mother monster has been very quiet this last year and people were speculating about it. Gaga has been sharing parts of her routine on Instagram. She has been doing Saturday night of jazz in Las Vegas and also preparing for Joker, but keeping a low profile.

We were hoping for a new project,  maybe a new album or movie, but definitely not a bun in the oven. She hasn't confirmed it yet but her belly is quite big and we don't think it's because she has been eating a lot. If it was some weight gain, the entire body would gain fat and that's not the case here. 

She is not overweight at all!

Others pointed out she could not be preggers since she was drinking something that seems to be whiskey.

Another fan caught the moment Gaga goes to her piano to perform her hit "Paparazzi". The bump here is super evident.


@alemanflores3 @ladygaga Jazz and Piano, Sep 6, Paparazzi. #ladygaga #ladygagajazzandpiano ♬ sonido original - Randy Aleman

However, if we pay attention the second video is from one month ago and the first video is from a couple of days ago and the tummy hasn't grown much since that. But the bump is there and the dress wasn't as tight as the other one, so we cannot really compare.

Other comments were stating that they a bump is something that usually happens to people who suffer from fibromyalgia. But the question is: that big???

Well guys, we have been keeping up with Gaga for years and we have never seen her with that bump. We think there is something there and the Mother Monster has been low profile because there is something there.

Sunday, October 8, 2023


Love is Blind season 5 is definitely the worst season ever.

After the success of Love is Blind 4, the current season was a huge flop. What went wrong?

The answer is complex, but nothing worked this time, from terrible cast members, to shallow interactions, people who got in the show for clout, fake relationships... nothing saves Love is Blind 5.

The season finale is coming and only 2 couples are heading to the altar, too much drama and.... bullying.

Let's take a look:

Izzy and Stacy:

a complete shallow guy, disputed by Johnie, Lydia and Stacie. He acts as if he was last super hot man on earth and cut off Johnie after she opened her heart about dating an ex-addict. He chose Stacie, but he seems to hate the fact that Johnie moved on and insists on picking on her for every little thing. He is a complete bully and Johnie dodged a bullet. And he is also broke, completely full of debts and hoping to find a woman to pay for his things. He thinks he is a catch, but women should run to the hills at his first sight.

Stacy is another bully, super envious of Johnie because she was Izzy's first pick. When I watched her, I got the Regina George vibes from Mean Girls, but without her beauty and charisma. She also thinks she is something, but reality is she is a bully. I never got why she keeps on picking on Johnie. That episode when she reacted with surprise and Stacy, kept telling her to fix her face was the last straw. This woman has serious issues.


This guy is narcisistic. Period. He has all the characteristics of a typical narc if you mind looking it up on google. He is a master in manipulation and gaslighting and what he did to Aaliyah after she confessed she cheated on her last boyfriend should illustrate psychology manuals. He tortured the girl for something he has nothing to do with. He acts as Mr. Perfect, but is the most hypocritical guy. He hid he had a previous relationship with Lydia and that they had s*x right before he got into the show. And his fights with Lydia reminded me of Cheaters episode.


She is definately on the show for clout. This woman has some serious disturb. She acted as a friend of Aalyiah only to sabotage her relationship. She clearly wanted to set some ground line and show her how she knew everything about Uche. She smothered the girl on purpose and accepted to be with Milton only to continue on the show. Even her conection to him was forced. Fake is the word regarding her. 


I felt bad for her. She seemed to be on the show for the right reasons, but got casted in a terrible season. I think she would be a better fit in the last season. Well,  She got tangled in Izzy's spiderweb and got dumped. However, she managed to be end up with Chris. I still don't get why Izzy and Stacy bully her. She hasn't done anything to them to get such reation. 


What is this guy doing on the show? He doesn't make the effort of striking a conversation. He always seemed to be bored about everything. He clearly was not interested in Taylor. I've never seen any conection there. And that make up thing was huge excuse to the fact that he did not like Taylor but didn't have the balls to quit the show. This guy is all red flags.


Girl, what were you thinking? There was never a conection to JP. She fantasized about the whole thing, she was so into her own issues that she did not see that he was always bored in the pods, never really cared about her and her life. But She had the balls to cut it off as soon as she realized there was nothing between them. Kudos.


Well, at first I thought he was very mature for his own age, but then after I connected the dots about last year scandal, I realize he was also there for clout. Having crazy Lydia was not easy, but a lot of times, his reactions were so slow that he seemed to be high some parts of the show or at least with his head in lalaland. 

All in all, this season was the worst one. No chemistry, no charisma, nothing felt genuine. 


Thursday, September 28, 2023

Kentwood students are facing a known face when they get to school. Lynn Spears is working as a substitute teacher. 

After the end of conservatorship, Britney's mother returns to her origins and works as school teacher in her native Luisiana.

According to people from Britney's homeland, Lynn Spears is going through financial trouble, since she doesn't have her famous daughter to pay her bills as it happened for last years. So she got back working as a substitute teacher.

Lynn had a day care and preschool she ruled as Britney got famous. Before that, she stopped working, going with her eldest daughter as she would travel around U.S.A auditioning for record deal and tv breaks.

Last year, Lynn Spears asked Britney for money support and to pay her legal fees, on the grounds that she had renounced her own career to make her pop singer daughter's dreams come true. The claim was dropped out some months later.

Britney has been the breadwinner of the family and has financed her entire family's lifestyle. After the conservatorship was over, Britney was very vocal about her frustration towards her mother and sister, claiming they did not act to help her out, but enjoyed every bit of her money.

In these last few months, Britney seems to have made ammends with her mother, but she doesn't want to be explored as she used to be.

According to other news sources like TMZ and Page Six, her attorneys haven't confirmed the information. However, that's being talked about on the social media.

Sunday, September 24, 2023


One year ago, a woman came up publicly on Tik Tok saying her boyfriend got into LOVE IS BLIND, being in a relationship and acted as if he was single and looking for love.

At the time, the woman who was in her early 20's, claimed he took part in the season filmed in Texas and that his name was MILTON and that he got married to a woman named LYDIA.  

We thought it was just a hoax because there were no such people in the season 3, which was also filmed in Texas. However in this season 5, the names have MATCHED.

Milton allegedly got into the show comitted to another woman, who didn't know about the whole thing. Then she discovered and put it out on social media.

Unfortunately, there are no receipts because we thought it was just someone trying to catch attention at that time, but now we went after her and she refused to talk about it, claiming she is in a different path and with a new man. However, people on tiktok got a memory and didn't forget about the incident.

Milton proposed to Lydia, who was previously in a relationship with Uche, another cast member. The confusion was too much for Aaliyah, who left the show. Lydia and Aaliyah became best friends and couldn't stand being in the postion of dating a friends' ex. 

We see a lot of DRAMA coming...

Saturday, September 23, 2023

 Olivia Rodrigo's highly anticipated new album has been the subject of conversation since the announcement of its release. Fans and music enthusiasts alike have been eagerly waiting to hear what the young artist has been working on.

The album has finally been released, and it has not disappointed. We will provide a critique and analysis of Olivia Rodrigo's new album, diving into its tracks, themes, production, lyrics, and impact on popular culture and the music industry.

Introduction to Olivia Rodrigo's new album

Olivia Rodrigo's new album, "Sour," was released on May 21, 2021, and has been making waves since then. The album features 11 tracks, including the hit singles "Drivers License," "Good 4 U," and "Deja Vu." The album is a mix of pop-punk, alternative rock, and folk-pop, showcasing Olivia Rodrigo's versatility as an artist.

The album has been highly anticipated since the release of "Drivers License," which broke multiple records and topped various charts worldwide. The song's success sparked interest in the upcoming album, with fans eager to hear more of Olivia Rodrigo's music and what she has to offer.

The anticipation and hype surrounding the album

The anticipation and hype surrounding Olivia Rodrigo's new album have been unmatched. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the album's release, with many speculating about the tracks and themes it might feature. The success of "Drivers License" and "Good 4 U" has only added to the excitement.

The album's announcement also came with a series of teasers and promotional material, which further fueled the hype. Olivia Rodrigo's social media accounts were flooded with teasers and snippets of the album, giving fans a taste of what was to come.

A breakdown of the album's tracks and themes

Olivia Rodrigo's new album, "Sour," features 11 tracks, each with its own unique sound and theme. The album's tracks range from pop-punk to alternative rock to folk-pop, showcasing Olivia Rodrigo's versatility as an artist. The following is a breakdown of the album's tracks and their themes:

  1. "Brutal" - The opening track sets the tone for the album, with Olivia Rodrigo expressing her frustration and anger towards the music industry and societal pressures.

  2. "Traitor" - The song is about betrayal and heartbreak, with Olivia Rodrigo reflecting on a past relationship.

  3. "Drivers License" - The hit single is about heartbreak and moving on, with Olivia Rodrigo reflecting on a past relationship and the pain of seeing her ex move on.

  4. "1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back" - The song is a sample of Taylor Swift's "New Year's Day," and it explores the ups and downs of a relationship.

  5. "Deja Vu" - The hit single is about a relationship that feels familiar, with Olivia Rodrigo reflecting on a past relationship that her ex is now experiencing with someone else.

  6. "Good 4 U" - The hit single is an upbeat pop-punk track that explores the anger and frustration that comes with a breakup.

  7. "Enough for You" - The song is about feeling inadequate in a relationship and not being enough for the other person.

  8. "Happier" - The song is about seeing an ex move on and finding happiness with someone else.

  9. "Jealousy, Jealousy" - The song explores the toxic nature of social media and the pressure to present a perfect image.

  10. "Favorite Crime" - The song is about a toxic and dysfunctional relationship.

  11. "Hope Ur OK" - The closing track is a heartfelt message to those who have been through difficult times and a reminder that they are not alone.

The evolution of Olivia Rodrigo's sound

Olivia Rodrigo's new album, "Sour," showcases the evolution of her sound as an artist. The album features a mix of pop-punk, alternative rock, and folk-pop, a departure from the sound of her previous work on Disney's "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series."

The album's sound is reminiscent of early 2000s pop-punk and alternative rock, with influences from artists like Avril Lavigne and Paramore. Olivia Rodrigo's vocals are raw and emotional, adding depth and authenticity to the album's tracks.

A critique of the album's production and lyrics

Olivia was accused of copying the band HOLE cover album LIVE THROUGH THIS released in 1994

Olivia Rodrigo's new album, "Sour," has received critical acclaim for its production and lyrics. The album's production is raw and stripped-down, showcasing Olivia Rodrigo's vocals and the emotional depth of the tracks. The use of live instrumentation adds to the album's authenticity, with the guitar-driven tracks adding to the pop-punk and alternative rock sound.

The album's lyrics are honest and authentic, with Olivia Rodrigo exploring themes of heartbreak, betrayal, and societal pressures. The honesty and vulnerability in the lyrics have resonated with fans, with many praising Olivia Rodrigo for her authenticity and relatability.

Comparisons to Olivia Rodrigo's previous work

Olivia Rodrigo's new album, "Sour," is a departure from her previous work on Disney's "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series." The album's sound and themes are more mature and authentic, showcasing Olivia Rodrigo's growth as an artist.

The album's success has also surpassed the success of her previous work, with "Drivers License" breaking multiple records and topping various charts worldwide. The success of the album has cemented Olivia Rodrigo as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Olivia was accused by Courtney Love of stealing the art idea of LIVE THROUGH THIS cover album. The influence is of Hole is clear not only in the pictures but also in the sound and the style Olivia sings.

★★★★   4/5 stars