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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Kentwood students are facing a known face when they get to school. Lynn Spears is working as a substitute teacher. 

After the end of conservatorship, Britney's mother returns to her origins and works as school teacher in her native Luisiana.

According to people from Britney's homeland, Lynn Spears is going through financial trouble, since she doesn't have her famous daughter to pay her bills as it happened for last years. So she got back working as a substitute teacher.

Lynn had a day care and preschool she ruled as Britney got famous. Before that, she stopped working, going with her eldest daughter as she would travel around U.S.A auditioning for record deal and tv breaks.

Last year, Lynn Spears asked Britney for money support and to pay her legal fees, on the grounds that she had renounced her own career to make her pop singer daughter's dreams come true. The claim was dropped out some months later.

Britney has been the breadwinner of the family and has financed her entire family's lifestyle. After the conservatorship was over, Britney was very vocal about her frustration towards her mother and sister, claiming they did not act to help her out, but enjoyed every bit of her money.

In these last few months, Britney seems to have made ammends with her mother, but she doesn't want to be explored as she used to be.

According to other news sources like TMZ and Page Six, her attorneys haven't confirmed the information. However, that's being talked about on the social media.