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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Pregnant Gaga


Mother Monster is having a Baby Monster???

According to the Little Monsters (Lady Gaga's fan base), Lady Gaga is pregnant!

The story broke into social media after shots of her last show spread where we can see a very clear bump. The ones who attended the concert were also surprised with her new shape.

Mother monster has been very quiet this last year and people were speculating about it. Gaga has been sharing parts of her routine on Instagram. She has been doing Saturday night of jazz in Las Vegas and also preparing for Joker, but keeping a low profile.

We were hoping for a new project,  maybe a new album or movie, but definitely not a bun in the oven. She hasn't confirmed it yet but her belly is quite big and we don't think it's because she has been eating a lot. If it was some weight gain, the entire body would gain fat and that's not the case here. 

She is not overweight at all!

Others pointed out she could not be preggers since she was drinking something that seems to be whiskey.

Another fan caught the moment Gaga goes to her piano to perform her hit "Paparazzi". The bump here is super evident.


@alemanflores3 @ladygaga Jazz and Piano, Sep 6, Paparazzi. #ladygaga #ladygagajazzandpiano ♬ sonido original - Randy Aleman

However, if we pay attention the second video is from one month ago and the first video is from a couple of days ago and the tummy hasn't grown much since that. But the bump is there and the dress wasn't as tight as the other one, so we cannot really compare.

Other comments were stating that they a bump is something that usually happens to people who suffer from fibromyalgia. But the question is: that big???

Well guys, we have been keeping up with Gaga for years and we have never seen her with that bump. We think there is something there and the Mother Monster has been low profile because there is something there.

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