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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Love is Blind 5: Analysis - The worst season ever


Love is Blind season 5 is definitely the worst season ever.

After the success of Love is Blind 4, the current season was a huge flop. What went wrong?

The answer is complex, but nothing worked this time, from terrible cast members, to shallow interactions, people who got in the show for clout, fake relationships... nothing saves Love is Blind 5.

The season finale is coming and only 2 couples are heading to the altar, too much drama and.... bullying.

Let's take a look:

Izzy and Stacy:

a complete shallow guy, disputed by Johnie, Lydia and Stacie. He acts as if he was last super hot man on earth and cut off Johnie after she opened her heart about dating an ex-addict. He chose Stacie, but he seems to hate the fact that Johnie moved on and insists on picking on her for every little thing. He is a complete bully and Johnie dodged a bullet. And he is also broke, completely full of debts and hoping to find a woman to pay for his things. He thinks he is a catch, but women should run to the hills at his first sight.

Stacy is another bully, super envious of Johnie because she was Izzy's first pick. When I watched her, I got the Regina George vibes from Mean Girls, but without her beauty and charisma. She also thinks she is something, but reality is she is a bully. I never got why she keeps on picking on Johnie. That episode when she reacted with surprise and Stacy, kept telling her to fix her face was the last straw. This woman has serious issues.


This guy is narcisistic. Period. He has all the characteristics of a typical narc if you mind looking it up on google. He is a master in manipulation and gaslighting and what he did to Aaliyah after she confessed she cheated on her last boyfriend should illustrate psychology manuals. He tortured the girl for something he has nothing to do with. He acts as Mr. Perfect, but is the most hypocritical guy. He hid he had a previous relationship with Lydia and that they had s*x right before he got into the show. And his fights with Lydia reminded me of Cheaters episode.


She is definately on the show for clout. This woman has some serious disturb. She acted as a friend of Aalyiah only to sabotage her relationship. She clearly wanted to set some ground line and show her how she knew everything about Uche. She smothered the girl on purpose and accepted to be with Milton only to continue on the show. Even her conection to him was forced. Fake is the word regarding her. 


I felt bad for her. She seemed to be on the show for the right reasons, but got casted in a terrible season. I think she would be a better fit in the last season. Well,  She got tangled in Izzy's spiderweb and got dumped. However, she managed to be end up with Chris. I still don't get why Izzy and Stacy bully her. She hasn't done anything to them to get such reation. 


What is this guy doing on the show? He doesn't make the effort of striking a conversation. He always seemed to be bored about everything. He clearly was not interested in Taylor. I've never seen any conection there. And that make up thing was huge excuse to the fact that he did not like Taylor but didn't have the balls to quit the show. This guy is all red flags.


Girl, what were you thinking? There was never a conection to JP. She fantasized about the whole thing, she was so into her own issues that she did not see that he was always bored in the pods, never really cared about her and her life. But She had the balls to cut it off as soon as she realized there was nothing between them. Kudos.


Well, at first I thought he was very mature for his own age, but then after I connected the dots about last year scandal, I realize he was also there for clout. Having crazy Lydia was not easy, but a lot of times, his reactions were so slow that he seemed to be high some parts of the show or at least with his head in lalaland. 

All in all, this season was the worst one. No chemistry, no charisma, nothing felt genuine. 


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