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Sunday, September 24, 2023

LOVE IS BLIND SCANDAL! Cast member was already in a relationship


One year ago, a woman came up publicly on Tik Tok saying her boyfriend got into LOVE IS BLIND, being in a relationship and acted as if he was single and looking for love.

At the time, the woman who was in her early 20's, claimed he took part in the season filmed in Texas and that his name was MILTON and that he got married to a woman named LYDIA.  

We thought it was just a hoax because there were no such people in the season 3, which was also filmed in Texas. However in this season 5, the names have MATCHED.

Milton allegedly got into the show comitted to another woman, who didn't know about the whole thing. Then she discovered and put it out on social media.

Unfortunately, there are no receipts because we thought it was just someone trying to catch attention at that time, but now we went after her and she refused to talk about it, claiming she is in a different path and with a new man. However, people on tiktok got a memory and didn't forget about the incident.

Milton proposed to Lydia, who was previously in a relationship with Uche, another cast member. The confusion was too much for Aaliyah, who left the show. Lydia and Aaliyah became best friends and couldn't stand being in the postion of dating a friends' ex. 

We see a lot of DRAMA coming...

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